Search Engine Optimisation

Corporate Package - 50 Keywords

The corporate entity need not look any further than this package. This package is designed to promote keywords like "car Insurance" and "personal loans". These terms are highly sought after industry leading keywords which make astounding amounts of money. THIS PACKAGE WILL CREATE 1000's MORE VISITORS TO YOUR WEBSITE EVERY WEEK.


50 Keyword Phrases


Search Exchange

Search ExchangeKeyword phrases will be chosen by you or us around your business and an Search engine optimisation campaign will begin within 48 hours of purchase.

Search ExchangeYour search exchange partners will become active once your website is in the appropriate business search exchange community.

50kw Resource Library

3 Day Ranking Reports

Search ExchangeYour resource library written in LSI format will be created from the 50 keywords chosen above within the first 7 business days of purchase.

Search ExchangeYou will receive new ranking reports every 3 days that will be emailed to you.

Analytic Reporting

3 Day XML SpyderMap Update

Search ExchangeAnalytic code will be installed on your website and tracking of the overall success of the search engine optimisation campaign will begin.

Search ExchangeYou will receive a new XML sitemap every 3 days that will be updated and streamed to your website.

750 Directory Submissions

3 Minute Website Monitoring

Search ExchangeYour website will have 5 keyword phrases chosen and 5 descriptions and submitted to Refresh Studio's favorite directories.

Search ExchangeYour website will be checked to make sure its up and operational. If your sitye has any problems, you will get an email notification.

Human Monitored Link Management

180 Web Portal Ads

Search ExchangeLink management will begin once your website has been coded and made live in your relevant search exchange community.

Search ExchangeYour keyword text links and banner ads will be displayed within our search exchange community directory for more exposure.

50 LSI Resource Documents

Articles Written & Submited x 3200

Search ExchangeSupporting documentation written around your choosen keyword phrases which then is connected to your Resource Library for ultimate keyword content with high exposure.

Search ExchangeWe will write High Quality Articles that is relevant to your company. Not only will we write them, we will submit them to OVER 800 article directories! We do this once a week..

Twitter Marketing


Daily Wordpress Blog & Latest News

Search ExchangeWe will open a Twitter Account for you, create a following of 1000's of people who are interested in the same products or services as your company. Not only that... we will post your offers and services DAILY. This will increase the amount of visitors to your website every day.

Search ExchangeWriting Blogs Daily can take alot of time and thought. Refresh Studio will write your blogs and upload them DAILY to our high ranking Wordpress Blog. Each Blog will contain a backlink to your website. Your Blogs will be viewed by 100's of people each week that are interested in your services or products. We also add a latest news article to your website EVERY DAY!!




local advertising

Starter Package

£99 + vat

website design DerbyIncludes, domain name registration, hosting, design of as many pages as you need, email addresses, All you need to get on the web! No SEO included.

Beginner Package

£300.00 - £500.00 + vat

website design DerbyThis package includes the starter package but we will perform local SEO work for either 5 or 10 keywords such as 'plumbers Derby'.

Small Business Package

£500 + vat per month

website design DerbyWe aim to get more sort after keywords of 20 on the first page of the search engines such as 'leaflet printing' increasing alot more traffic.

Corporate Package

£850 + vat per month

website design DerbyThe ultimate search engine optimisation package of 50 keywords, aim to get keywords as 'insurance' on the first page of all the search engines.